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Ohio Patient Network would like express our appreciation and support for all those who have worked for this day.  HB523, the Medical Marijuana Control Program has been signed by Governor Kasich and make Ohio the 26th state to pass medical marijuana laws in contrast to the Federal Government laws.   The bill language can be found on the Legislative website with this link.  The legislative analysis summary of this bill can be found on this link.

Below are some details Medical Marijuana Control Program

·         Permits a patient, on the recommendation of a physician, to use medical marijuana to treat a qualifying medical condition.

·         Qualifying conditions can be modified by a petition process to the state medical board

·         Enables a caregiver to assist a medical marihuana patient.

·         Enables legal protections for patients, caregiver, suppliers and medical professionals

·         Grants some legal protections for patients with doctor recommendation as soon a bill is effective after the Governor signs the bill!

·         Requires that the Ohio Department of Commerce and State Board of Pharmacy administer a Medical Marijuana Control Program

·         Establishes the Medical Marijuana Advisory Committee and authorizes it to make recommendations concerning the Medical Marijuana Control Program to the Department of Commerce, Board of Pharmacy, and State Medical Board.  Advisory committee is made up of two doctor, two pharmacist with one of each being a supporter of medical marijuana, as well those who represents law enforcement, labor, metal health, nurse, caregiver, agriculture addiction and a one who represent a patient.

·         Authorizes the Board of Pharmacy to register patients and caregivers and to issue licenses to medical marijuana retail dispensaries.

·         Authorizes the Department of Commerce to issue licenses to medical marijuana cultivators, processors, and testing laboratories.

·         Authorizes the Medical Board to issue certificates to physicians seeking to recommend treatment with medical marijuana. The board shall approve one or more continuing medical

·         Provides for that the medical board shall approve one or more continuing medical education courses of study about medical marijuana.

·         Prohibits a cultivator, processor, retail dispensary, or laboratory from being located or relocating within 500 feet of a school, church, public library, public playground, or public park.

·         Authorizes local legislative authority  (Cities & township to adopt regulations to prohibit, or limit the number of, retail dispensaries)

·         The bill requires that the Board of Pharmacy establish a toll-free telephone line.

·         Provides that Ohio will be a "Safe harbor" for the provision of banking services

The Senate passed HB523 modified by the Senate.  The vote was 18 yea to 15 nay at 6:03pm 5/15/16. You can watch a video of the discussion on the Ohio Channel starting at time frame 1:25. The Ohio House then quickly concurred to the modifications by the Senate and passed HB523.  The vote was 67 Yea to 28 Nay at 10:18 pm on 5/25/16. A video of the discussion is on the Ohio Channel at Time frame 1:12. Below is a listing of how the Senators voted 

Yea votes - Troy Balderson(R), Bill Beagle(R), Kevin Bacon(R), Dave Burke(R), Bill Coley(R), Randy Gardner(R), Bob Hackett(R), Frank LaRose(R), Peggy Lehner(R), Gayle Manning(R), Scott Oelslager(R), Bill Seitz (R), Edna Brown(D), Charleta Tavares(D), Cecil Thomas(D), Tom Sawyer(D), Joe Schiavoni(D) and Kenny Yuko(D).

Nay votes  - John Eklund(R), Cliff Hite(R), Jay Hottinger(R), Jim Hughes(R), Shannon Jones(R), Kris Jordan(R), Larry Obhof(R), Bob Peterson(R), Keith Faber(R), Toni Patton and Joe Uecker(R), Capri Cafao(D), Lou Gentile(D), Mike Skindell(D) and Sandra Williams(D)