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Congressman Boehner talks about Pot

It was interesting to hear Congressman John Boehner saying that he says he supports states like Ohio to take control about issues such as drugs and marijuana.
Bellow is an excerpt from From Bret Thompson's Progressive Ohio blog

At 3:30 in this video, Mark Preston from CNN asks Ohio Rep. John Boehner the following question, submitted by a Digg user, “Why is it that drugs (alcohol, tobacco) that kill thousands of people each year are legal, yet other drugs (marijuana) which are used for medical purposes and do far less harm and don't cause death, are illegal? “

Boehner starts his reply:

    “Whether it is the American Medical Association, the American Cancer Society, all of those people, by and large, don’t believe there is any [emphasis his] medicinal value in marijuana.”

Both the AMA and the American Cancer Society support further research into medical marijuana. The AMA states that "preclinical, anecdotal, or controlled evidence suggests possible efficacy." Many other mainstream medical organizations, like the 2.9 million member American Nurses Association and the American College of Physicians, support legal access to medical marijuana.

See video and the rest of Bret Thompson's Blog at


Medical Marijuana News

Recently, Ohio Patient Network President, Robert Ryan, spoke at a local Democratic Club meeting about medical marijuana.  Ryan explained the history, including the racist undertones, associated with the prohibition of marijuana. He went into great detail on current medical marijuana efforts and proposed legislation. The session was followed by a Q & A session.  The democrat members asked a number of good questions.  One in particular was the role of drug testing by a construction manager.

Ryan's response was centered on abuse of any drug, including marijuana, is not conducive to a safe work environment.  Failing a drug test by consuming marijuana does not necessarily translate to a lack of coordination required in many professions.  Drug tests are not tests of intoxication.  Going further, he brought up basketball players and well-known skateboard athletes who use marijuana and are outstanding athletes.  The construction manager understood the difference.

At nearly the same time, Ethan Nadelmann, the Director of Drug Policy Alliance, was at a medical marjuana event where he said, "the tide has turned and the wind is at our backs."  Ryan felt the same way at the Democratic event.